About us

World increasing population and inability of traditional agricultural methods to meet modern needs have put the food security in jeopardy. Also, due to the hardships of organizing large farms with traditional methods, such methods are becoming less efficient and beneficial.
Therefore, agricultural industry requires developments to address people and government needs. Agricultural industry has the potential to at least double the efficiency when using smart agricultural robotics and technologies. This is done by facilitating farm monitoring and organization using online crops and farms data, and irrigating based on plant type, climatic conditions, and soil properties.
Thus, agricultural industry can respond to global food needs to some extent by employing modern technologies.
SharifAgRobot was established by a research group in 2019 and aims to solve the problems in agricultural industry by means of modern technologies and intelligent systems.
Accordingly, SharifAgRobot provides services based on agricultural robotics and precision agriculture, such as manufacturing and selling solution and pollen spraying drones, intelligent irrigation systems, offering automation and robotic solutions including robots with specific tasks, condition monitoring services with drones, and drone aerial spraying.